FC Santa Claus
FC Santa Claus is at Rovaniemen keskuskenttä.
Rovaniemen keskuskenttä
Friendly game against Ballybrack Seagulls FC (IRL)
Pregame @pukinpojat ( FCSC-juniorit) 11 old boys plays against Babygulls. Game event starts 18:00 . Hoping snow and cold weather. Warm drinks and hot sausages available. Gameday 1.11.2022
#dontstopbelieving #fcsantaclaus #benotaffraid Ballybrack FC haves ” Autism Awarness” them round they awaydays trip all way to Arctic Circle . Welcome
FC Santa Claus
FC Santa Claus
1st of Nowember friendly game against Irish Ballybrack Seagulls FC at Visit Rovaniemi - the Official Hometown of Santa Claus Stadium

18:00 FC Santa Claus Juniorit vs Babygulls

19:00 FC Santa Claus vs Ballybrack United

Cantine by FC Santa Claus Juniors 11 age

Free entrance