SirSi – FCSCJ 6-1

Hey world, coach Ralf here. I’m extremely busy these days with trainings for 14 different teams, games for 4 teams, tournaments and events for the club, seminars for our coaches etc….

So just a quick news in between: Here is a photo our fan Salmmo took on Thursday 10.6. during our away game against Sirkkakosken Sisu. We lost 1-6 (1-3). The first half was very even. SirSi had 3 chances and scored 3 times. We had 3 chances and scored once. We’re the first team who managed to score a goal against this top team of our league, so we achieved the mission for this game. We didn’t really need to get 6 goals, but there was no point in securing a 1-3, so we went forward and were countered. That’s football.

On Saturday 19.6. from 11-19 at Saarenkylä stadium, we party our “summer’s best match day” event with a double game against Kuusamo and Sodankylä. There is still a lot to do for that event. Unfortunately, our players’ situation looks tight with several injured players, so the double game will be a rough task for us. But we keep the faith and won’t give up.

Before that, on Sunday, 13.6. we organise an event in cooperation with the Finnish Football Association called “get to know football”. While two of our junior teams have home games, we offer some fun small games like shooting speed measurement and juggling for kids who want to try out football without any stress or difficulties but with fun and a good time instead. The event will be from 11-14 on Saarenkylä field.

From 5th to 10th July, our playing coaches Cris and Ralf are organising a goalkeepers camp roundtrip through Lapland with the support of the Finnish Football Association. We visit the towns of Kemijärvi, Sodankylä, Ivalo, Ranua, Pello and Kolari where we offer free goalkeeper trainings for the kids of the local clubs.

The summer is a very busy time for football in Finland. It’s also very hot outside and the sun shone whole week. Luckily, winter will come back in about 4 weeks. Just kidding. Or am I?

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