FCSCJ – Kolarin Kontio 4-2

Photo: Milla Kukkola. Info about our jerseys: We play our first games in special event white shirts, presenting the “Jukola”-logo. Jukola is the largest orientation running event in the world, and it’s also the biggest sports event ever in Rovaniemi. We show our support by presenting their logo on our special shirts. The event will take place from 21.-22.8. this year. The event was scheduled for last summer, but the Covid19-situation caused a re-schedule to this year.


On Saturday, 28th May 2021 at 16 our new men’s team played its first official football game in Saarenkylä stadium against Kolarin Kontio. The sun was shining and about 75 spectators came to watch the game and enjoy some freshly baked cakes and tasty grill sausages provided by our Girls 2006-07 team. The girls’ team’s teamleader also assisted us today with the livescore. Thank you, Kristiina!

Kolari won their first game in Sodankylä with 5-2 and arrived with a big, motivated squad. Our team didn’t knew where we stand. For many players, it was the first game after a very long break (we didn’t have a men’s team in 2020) and for some players, it was even the first official 11v11 league game they ever played in their lives, including a debuting player from the 40+ age group. Respect.

The Santa team took control of the game from the beginning and tried playing the controlled ball possession and attacking patterns we practised during the winter. It quickly paid off when Erson finished a beautiful attack on the right wing with a left foot shot into the short corner, 1-0 (10.). Soon later, Teme broke through Kolari’s defense line and was stopped in the penalty area by the keeper. The referee saw the situation correctly and decided on a penalty. Since we practised penalties during our Friday-training session, captain Nico hammered the ball into the net, 2-0 (17.).

After that lead, our team fell back a bit, and Kolari found better into the game, creating a couple of dangerous counter attacks, but our keeper Antti paried all shots savely. We couldn’t create another goal chance before half-time.

Photo: Henna Vaattovaara (Kolarin Kontio)


In the second half, Kolari started pushing more, trying to score a goal, and they succeeded in minute 54, 2-1. After that, we substituted a bit in the hopes of taking control of the game again. It was effective. The next 20 minutes belonged to our team again and we created a couple of good attacks again.

The two best scenes of the whole game led to two further goals from us. First an attack starting from our defense, moving up the left wing, a double pass, and a precise pass to the center, where Nico scored directly with the left foot from 16 meters, exactly how we practised it one week earlier during our Wednesday-training session, 3-1 (66.). The coach was pleased to see that what we trained showed in the game. At least this one time.

Five minutes later, our two latest newcomers, Useni and Marcelo showed a bit of technical finesse and smart pocket moving, when the first sent the latter with a nice through pass behind the two central defenders. One against the keeper, Marcelo put the ball on the ground into the net, 4-1 (71).

With a secure 3-goals-lead, the team slowed down a lot again, bringing Kolari back into the game. However, it took the opponent until minute 89, until they could score the 4-2 after a quick reaction rebound after a corner kick. Soon after the secure referee-team ended the game.

We thank Kolari for a tough, but always fair fight. We will soon see them again at their homeground. But before that, we have to focus on our next game which already happens on Wednesday, 2.6. at 19 in Sodankylä against Sodankylän Pallo. SoPa lost their first two games this year, with at least their 2-0 loss against SirSi being very unfortunate (several of our players watched the game). On 30.5. they drew 1-1 against Kuusamon Pallo-Karhut. We’re looking forward to the game, since SoPa and our team are friends. Santa approves! 🙂

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