Club’s fee and contract 2021:

  • Every player signs an amateur contract for the 20201-season.
  • Our season starts in February and ends in October 2021.
  • The monthly club’s fee is 40€.
  • The total club’s fee for the season per player is thus on 9 x 40 = 360€.

What do we get for that money:

  • Winter-training shifts in Ounashalli
  • Summer-training shifts in Susivouti and Saarenkylä
  • Game-shifts in Susivouti ja Saarenkylä in the summer
  • League’s registration fee for the team
  • Transfer fees
  • Playing clothes (shirt, shorts, socks)
  • Referees’ fees
  • Professional coaching
  • Training equipment (balls, cones etc.)

Team’s fee 2021:

  • We decide together if we want to set up an additional team account.

Membership fee 2021:

  • 20€ for the whole year (including benefits and discounted according to FCSCJ partnership deals)

Additional own costs 2021:

  • Players have to pay their own player’s license (45€)
  • Players have to organise their own insurance according to their needs and wishes)
  • Players have to buy their own additional equipment like shoes, shinguards, own training jacket (if not provided by the club)
  • The team organises and pays themselves for their away game tripes (most likely shared rides with a small fee per person in the car)

Sponsors 2021:

  • The team is allowed to find their own sponsors. Money from those deals goes directly to the team account.

Team rules 2021:

  • We’re gentlemen-team!
  • Main rule: “Would Santa approve it?”
  • “Do you believe in Santa Claus?” The only correct answer is: _____!
  • Fairplay
  • Positive role model for our junior players
  • We help each other, on and off the field
  • No swearing-policy
  • “Don’t be a jerk”
  • No to racism!
  • No to bullying!
  • No to any kind of negativity!
  • Positive teamspirit
  • 11 friends on the field (and more on and around the bench)