Free spaces in the squad 2021: 0

FC Santa Claus Juniorit started a new men’s team in February 2021. The team is a place for our former junior players as well as other people from our club, for example junior coaches, who want to play in an organised team in an official league from the Finnish Football Association.

We start in the lowest division in Northern Finland: the “Vitonen”. Our main goal is to have fun together and create a good teamspirit which shows our club’s values in all our activities. On top of that, we want to develop a nice style of football which goes beyond kick & rush.

Another goal is to progress forward step by step. However, this needs to be done carefully and without rush.

Currently, the team is being coached by the playing coach Ralf Wunderlich (UEFA A license) from Germany who is also our club’s Head of Coaching and the C-girls coach. He organises the men’s team in his own free time voluntarily. Additional staff is welcome to join our ranks.

In 2021, we practise 2-3 x per week. Training sessions focus on technical and tactical aspects. We have additional stamina sessions on Sundays (CrossFit course).

You can see the upcoming events in the calendar-list above. Due to the current corona rules in Lapland, we ask all players to bring one black and one non-black shirt to the trainings. Also, don’t forget your water bottle, as we aren’t allowed to offer team-bottles at the moment.

We currently cannot take any more new players, as the squad is complete. Read more about our membership prices and team rules below, so that you know what you get in to, should you join our team one day. We want to be as transparent as possible.

More info via SMS or WhatsApp: +358405453880 or by e-mail:

Welcome to FC Santa Claus!



Tiedot julkaistaan kunkin henkilön itse myClubissa määrittelemällä tavalla.


Club membership and contract 2021:

  • Every player signs an amateur status contract for the full season.
  • Our season begins in February and ends in October 2021.
  • The monthly membership fee for the club is 40€.
  • The season’s maximum club fee is thus 9 x 40 = 360€.

What does the team get for that:

  • Winter training shifts in Ounashalli
  • Summer training shifts on various football fields in Rovaniemi
  • Game shifts in Susivouti or Saarenkylä stadiums in the summer
  • League fee
  • National transfer fee (if applicable)
  • Playing clothes (shirt, shorts, socks)
  • Referees’ fees
  • Trainings

Team fee 2021:

  • Not needed, but we can agree on additional team fees, if we want to.

Club membership fee 2021:

Own additional costs 2021:

  • Players pay their own player’s license (45€)
  • Players are responsible for their own insurance (own or SPL’s)
  • Players buy their own additional clothes like shoes, shin guards etc.)
  • Players organise their away game trips by themselves (e. g. shared rides and shared gasoline costs)

Sponsors 2021:

  • The team can find sponsors by themselves and use the money from the sponsoring according to their own wishes

Team rules 2021:

  • We’re a friendly team and act like gentlemen.
  • Main rule: “Santa approves” (the action you’re about to do)
  • “Do you believe in Santa?” Only correct answer: _____!
  • Fairplay
  • Positive role model for our junior teams
  • We support each other
  • No swearing
  • “Don’t be a dick”
  • No to racism!
  • No to bullying!
  • No to any kind of negative -isms!
  • Positive teamspirit
  • 11 friends on the field and more on the bench