FC Santa Claus Juniorit organises a men’s hobby team in Rovaniemi. ⚽️🏃‍♀️✨ This team is a good place for you if:

  • you have no previous football experience whatsoever, but are interested in trying it out
  • you played before, but are a bit “rusty” now
  • you want to train and play in a chilled, relaxed environment without stress to perform on a higher level
  • you want to learn a couple of new things with friendly teammates
  • you don’t mind sweating a bit
  • you have own sports clothes and a drinking bottle filled with water
  • you want to have FUN with a group of like-minded football-loving people

We focus on training basic football skills on maximum half-field (8v8) sized areas. We keep the field as small as possible, because we don’t want to focus on running, but on doing things with the football itself.

We train once per week. In the winter in Ounashalli in the evening,in the summer outside on one of the artificial grass fields in town. Depending on the situation, we also might play friendly games against other hobby groups or participate in fun tournaments. You can find our upcoming events on top of this page in the event-calendar-list.

The group is organised by our Head of Coaching Ralf Wunderlich he is assisted by our goalkeeper’s coach Cristian Pandelescu and men’s team player Santtu Pätäri.

Our hobby men’s team is organised whole year and we have three seasons: January-April, May-August and September-December. Players can join at any time and can cancel their team’s membership towards the end of a season.*

You can home to try out our group and see if the trainings suit you. Come directly to the field and say hello to the coach and the teammates before the training starts. Welcome!

Price for new players: 45€ per month during the first three months (180€ / season)

Price for continuing players: 40€ per month (160€ / season) for all players from the second season onward (also applied if you took a break between seasons)

Participants have to handle their insurance themselves. The membership in this group does not contain insurance through the club.

We bill the players once per season (three times per year). Players can also make individual billing arrangements and pay with Smartum, Edenred, ePassi or Eazybreak. Contact our secretary for more info.

The maximum amount of participants is currently 20. First come, first serve.

Sign up and join the Santa-fun! 😃🙌☀️☀️☀️

If you have further questions, contact our coaches.

Welcome to FC Santa Claus!

*In case of injuries or other reasons that prevent you from continuing with the team, we will find individual solutions for every situation. Just let us know if you need help.