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Risto Koskiniemi
Gsm : + 358 40 4866 885

“All of FC Santa Claus were extremely accommodating and helpful during my trip. I spent three-days filming with the team and chairman and they managed to organize everything I required. The story turned out better than I had expected and I will be cheering on FC Santa Claus from London from now on!”

apJames Brooks –

”I visited people of FCSC in the summer of 2011, but for longer happens, it is impossible to forget that wonderful experience, not only professional, but human. During my 10 days in Lapland I could discover the generosity and solidarity of all people related with a Team (sponsors, players, technical staff and chairman) whose games are played far beyond a stadium. Everyone made me feel at home, putting at my disposal everything that I needed to do my job in the best way. I can only have words of thanks for the FCSC, a club that since my visit’ve always carry on my heart. Qiitos!”
David Ruiz – 

”It was a pleasure to get to know better FC Santa Claus’s story. Since the beginning, they managed to organize everything we asked for and even more. During our stay in Lapland they were as helpful as possible and everything turned out to be even better than we were expecting. We came back with a lot of good memories and an incredible story to tell.”

– Karina Falzoni –

Globo TV


”FC Santa Claus is one of the nuttiest teams I’ve ever visited. Its Proper Baltic up there but every geezer and treacle at the club was extremely helpful and accommodating. It’s a massive shout but it may just be my best Away Days Yet. Getting Santa to keep his nut down, prancing around on a snowmobile, aveing it with a load of elves and being driven around by a reindeer were amongst the highlights of the trip. I’m a proper hard core Fc Santa Claus fan now and regularly look out for their results. BIG UP LAPLAND! OOSH!”

–  Adam Smith –

soccerAMAssociate Producer
Soccer AM
Sky Sports

”As part of a pan-European football film series with Ford, In© produced a story on FC Santa Claus in Rovaniemi and Levi. Working with Juha and his team was a pleasure, they were extremely supportive and their on-the-ground organisation resulted in a time efficient shoot and delivered an engaging film that secured our client significant global coverage.”

– Will Gray –