In the season 2021, we start our new team in the lowest division of the Northern Finland football district: the Vitonen (sixth tier).

Due to the very fast distances in Northern Finland, the league (13 teams) was divided into two groups. We play in the “Lapland” group where there are only 5 teams. We play three rounds against each other.

After this round, the two top teams from our division will meet for one round with the top 4 teams from the southern division (Oulu and Kajaani regions). The two top teams from that group will promote to Nelonen.

Teams on position 3-5 will play a around with teams 5-8 from the southern division.

Below you can find a list of our games. Should you plan to visit Rovaniemi during the summer, we would be happy if you drop by and support us.

P. S. On Saturday, 19.6. we will have a big event “Summer’s best matchday”, where we will play two games and two of our junior teams will play as well. More info about that later.