Contract news 9: Markus, Teemu, Juuso, Joni and Eemeli

Hello world, coach Ralf here.

Today: Contract news, part 9: the rest of the bunch

Let’s have a look at the remaining players we haven’t introduced so far. First on the list is Markus K, who actually was one of the first to sign his contract, but due to unforseeable reasons, it so happened, that he will be mentioned in the contract news, part 9. Markus was involved with FC Hertta Joensuu until 2015. Coincidence: Our coach Ralf was Hertta’s headcoach from 2015-16. The world is small. 😉

[Photo to follow.]

Our chaotic TJJ trio aka Teemu T, Juuso and Joni waited until the very last day before the first game to finally let a picture be taken of them. Here you go:

And last, but not least, we have Eemeli, who actually hasn’t signed the contract yet, and we don’t have a picture of him yet, but we’ll update this news as soon as we have everything together.

Together with the playing coaches, we have a squad of 23 players in total.

Welcome, all of you, to our team!

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