Contract news 8: Useni and Marcelo

Hello world, coach Ralf here.

Today: Contract news, part 8: Useni and Marcelo

Useni and Marcelo are our two latest (and last) recruits for our new team (note: we still have some contract news coming up during the next days). Useni is from Austria, but played football in Ireland during the last seasons. He moved to Rovaniemi for work during the winter with his family. He’s glad to be able to speak German with his coach. 😉

Marcelo had the longest way to join our ranks. He is from Brasil and moved to Rovaniemi for his studies. After he graduated from the university with a master’s degree, he decided to stay where it’s the nicest: in the Santa Claus town.

Welcome to our team, Useni and Marcelo.

P. S. Marcelo presents our new sweater. To show you that these are for sale, we left the price tag visible in the picture. 🤭

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