Contract news 5: Santtu and Samuel

Hello world, coach Ralf here.

We present: Contract news, part 5: Santtu and Samuel

Santtu joins us from Keminmaa, a beautiful area at the Gulf of Bothnia. There he played for and coached juniors of Keminmaan Pallo. He studies at the sports academy in Rovaniemi now, thus he decided to join the most cheerful football club in the area. Wise choice. He is also a referee, so we have at least one person in the team who knows the football rules. 😉

Samuel has deep roots with FC Santa Claus, going back to ye days of olde, when our juniors still had the FC Lynx logo on their yellow shirts. His last team was Oulunsalon Pallo from the Oulu area though. As everyone knows, what happens in Oulunsalo stays in Oulunsalo. Now the prodigal son returned to Little Rio to study tourism. That might come in handy for our club as well.

Welcome to our team, Santtu and Samuel.

Including our playing coaches Cris and and Ralf, we have now introduced half of our new team. We’ll take a break from the contract news next week and continue with the second round in the middle of April, to slowly get everyone into the groove for the season.

Stay tuned, and happy Easter! Greetings from FC Easter Bunny.

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