Contract news 2: Lauri and Markus

Hey world, coach Ralf here.

We present: Contract news, part 2:

Today we introduce to you the next two players for our 2021-season.

First we have Lauri who is joining us from Southern Finland where he played for Korian Ponsi until last season. In Rovaniemi, he studies at the sports academy and coaches the 2012-boys from a competing football club in town. 🤔😉

Second we present Markus. You wouldn’t believe it, if you’d see him play, but Markus is our second oldest player, aged 42 (the answer to life, universe and everything). He runs like a 21 years old! No surprise though, as he only debuts now in an official men’s league, thus he’s still fresh and full of energy. 😱 Markus is also our team’s official photographer. 📷

Welcome to the Santa-world, Lauri and Markus. 🤗

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