Contract news 1: Nico and Ville

Contract news, part 1: Wearing protective masks for safety reasons, we present to you now step by step our players for the 2021 season.

Our first player to introduce to the world is Nico (on the pic with the scarf). Nico just turned 22 and is eager to finally start training since he missed our February trainings due to a minor (now healed) injury.

Our second player is Ville. Aged 27, he is already one of the seniors in our team. Together with his twin brother Teemu, he forms a defensive midfield wall that will be hard to cross for every opponent in our league.

Welcome Nico and Ville! We’re glad to have you with us. 🤗⚽🤜🤛

We will continue introducing our players, depending on how the corona situation allows us to make it happen.

Generally, we currently have 21 players in the squad plus a couple of people who are interested, but because of the corona break couldn’t train with us yet.

We’re looking forward to the season to start, and hope that the pandemic situation will be better by then due to the ongoing vaccination scheme.
We follow the corona guidelines and support the Finnish government with their decisions. Hopefully other teams do so as well. 🤔

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