FC SANTA CLAUS JUNIORIT is a football club based in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Until 2020, our club only had a juniors section. The previous seniors section was organised by our partner-club FC SANTA CLAUS ARCTIC CIRCLE. But after the 2019-season, AC disbanded. So in 2021, our club took over the seniors section as well in order to provide a complete players path again for our juniors.

Our club was founded in 1994 under the name FC Lynx and junior football was always our core focus. No wonder, as Santa’s official football club, we have a big heart for kids. And we love Christmas!

We try to have all age groups combined in our club. The idea is to provide football opportunities for the whole family, from “family football” (3-4 years) to kids (5-12 years) to youths (13-17) to adults (18-open end).

In our club, you find a very friendly, positive and open-minded environment. Our main principle, or rule, is “Santa approves!” That means that we want our actions to be approved by Santa. If he wouldn’t approve an action, we don’t want to do it. We value peace and harmony, an open heart, and – when corona allows it again – comforting hugs.

At the same time, we strive for quality football. For that we have professional coaches and provide training and playing opportunities. We believe that by minimising stress and negative feelings, and at the same time creating a positive, uplifting atmosphere, junior talents can thrive much better than under a tough regime where success is measured by results instead of development.

In 2020 we had 392 junior players in the club, 37 adult players and our total membership amount was 497. In 2021, these numbers will be much higher as we started several new teams and groups.